Mobile & Beer

A Podcast about mobile development (iOS, Android and Web) with friends and beer (in Hebrew).

Sites & Apps


A site and mobile app that helps you find the best seats in the cinema (in Hebrew)


A mobile site that tells you the meaning of street names in Tel-Aviv. Written for the APP2YOU competition in 2013.

The ultimate predictions platform - Make your prediction now, say "I told you so" later.


Create stunning coffee inforgraphics for your office

A suite of Netrunner related sideprojects.


Release Cycles

An abstract racing game where you fight against the clock and the computer to get as far as you can in a products life-cycle. Won the Github Game Off 2012


An intense game about the extreme life of supermarket cashiers. Runner-Up in the GitHub Game Off 2013

The Blind Heist

A Global Game Jam 2014 where two players work together to steal a diamond, one can't see the other can't control the character


A small tower defense game, right on your home screen!.
Built for Ludum Dare 31


A fun little bureaucracy simulator.
Built for Ludum Dare 32

Gems & Utilities


Enumify adds an enum command to all ActiveRecord models which enables you to work with string attributes as if they were enums.


A small utility that notifies you when you need to run bundle install or db:migrate

Controller Support

Controller oriented mixins (modules) for Rails that can help you extract behaviour from controllers into shared resources