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A Whole New World

less than 1 minute read

I recently gave an talk at the new WiX Haifa meetup on the topic of I18N (Internationalization), G11N (Globalization) and L10N (Localization).

Keep Interviewing and Nobody Explodes

less than 1 minute read

Original post found at WeWork Technology Blog I recently gave an ignite talk at Reversim 2018 on the topic of games in recruiting here are the video and slid...

Swift and UIViewControllers

1 minute read

I’ve come across a very neat trick for working with UIViewControllers, storyboards (or XIBs) and Swift. It’s a nice and easy way to remove all the setup gu...

Static Sites with Parse

4 minute read

Lately I’ve been really enjoying building my side projects on Parse as opposed to using Heroku. But it hasn’t all been a walk on the beach. I’ve encountered ...